2013 USSF Courses will be available in Mid-August 2012 and the following information provides the online pre-registration and pre-payment requirements.

ONLINE REGISTRATION ONLY with Virginia State Referee Program’s website at www.vadcsoccerref.com for all information regarding the individual course date(s), times, and locations.  ALL 2013 USSF Courses require pre-registration and pre-payment of $65 by credit card that covers the 2013 USSF Registration and course materials.  Instructions for completing the 2 part online registration process with both USSF and the Virginia State Referee Program are listed at www.vadcsoccerref.com     Pre-register and pre-pay by credit card as soon as possible as class will quickly reach the maximum classroom size.  NO WALK-IN REGISTRATIONS.

SPECIAL NOTES  Upon successful completion of the the USSF 2013 New Referee Grade 8 (not a school grade)course, the new referee is eligible to work age-appropriate USSF sanctioned youth soccer games for Calendar Year 2013, and is eligible to work in Calendar Year 2013 for Spring 2013 and Fall 2013. 
(1)  The Virginia State Referee Program will offer a few 2013 New Referee Grade 8 courses in August 2012. For those new referees who successfully complete their course in August 2012 for their 2013 USSF Certifications, the new referees will also  be eligible to also work in Fall 2012.
(2) ALL Brand New or NEW to SYA Soccer Referee Program must be a minimum age of 14 years of age by the start of each respective Fall or Spring Soccer Season., and 14-1/2 years of age is the recommended age, and the Point-Of-Entry USSF Referee New Referee Course is the Grade 8 (not a school grade). 
Clarification: Referees who are NEW to SYA with current USSF Certifications, who previously worked in another state or for another Virginia club or league, these NEW referees must also meet the aforementioend work requirements for the SYA Soccer Referee Program. 
For a listing of referee courses that the Virginia State Referee Program will offer throughout the State of Virginia for the USSF 2013, courses, information can be found at the Virginia State Referee Program’s website of www.vadcsoccerref.com under Clinic Listings. This information will be updated each week for additions, deletions, and changes to the available classes throughout the State of Virginia. 

PROCEDURES FOR NEW, RECERTIFICATION, OR UPGRADE USSF COURSES THAT ARE SPONSORED AT ANOTHER SOCCER CLUB’S COURSE:  Individuals are required to provide notification regarding your 2013   status to:

Jeff Stein, SYA Soccer Commissioner, SYA Soccer Office, 3819 Plaza Drive, Fairfax, Virginia  22030. This information needs to be provided both upon registering for the course, and also immediately after completing the course so that your information can be entered and updated in the SYA Soccer Referee Database for working for SYA Soccer Referee Program.

OTHER ADMINISTRATIVE INFORMATION FOR SYA REFEREES:  For all  referees, both new and returning, referees planning to work for SYA Soccer Referee Program, there are additional administrative and payroll forms that must be completed in advance of the soccer season with the SYA Soccer Commissioner to be eligible for working game assignments with the SYA Soccer Referee Program.

The listing for the SYA Soccer Referees’ Business and In-Service Training Meetings are listed on the SYA Referee Calendar for each upcoming soccer season.   

For a complete listing for the 2013 Recertification, New Referee, and Upgrade Courses  that will be scheduled throughout the State of Virginia, please check with the Virginia State Referee Program’s website of www.vadcsoccerref.com as schedule is updated daily with additions, changes, and deletions of courses. AS REGISTER EARLY AND PRE-PAY BY CREDIT CARD.  THERE ARE NO WALK-IN REGISTRATIONS FOR ANY USSF COURSE. 


After you register with the Virginia State Referee Program, please Jeff Stein, SYA Soccer Commissioner at the following email address of commissioner@syasoccer.org so additional administrative forms can be provided to you. These administrative forms must be completed in advance with SYA before eligible for working with SYA Soccer Referee Program.


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