Detailed information about CCL and ASL scheduling specifically for high school players

VCCL is becoming CCL next year. In effect, they are changing the name. The 15 member clubs have established a new league, based on a common interest in providing a competitive environment and one that does not “overplay” the players, with flexibility in mind and a focus on both development and showcase opportunities for the oldest players. CCL in the fall will commence a 14- game schedule, which will mean every team from U15 up plays every other team in their age group; gone are the days of VCCL North and VCCL South. As many of these teams are “local” changes will be minimal though we will split home and away games with SOCA, Beach FC, Roanoke, FC Richmond, and Virginia Legacy. Games will be played through the fall and winter seasons with teams sitting out in the spring for high school. SYA and the CCL are both very supportive of players’ high school experiences and believe that combining a heavy club schedule with five days a week for high school in the spring is contrary to players’ best interest. Therefore spring game and training schedules will be minimized with only two games during the traditional spring season in 2014. The CCL schedule for the entire year will be sent to teams by the end of June.

One change to CCL this year is that teams will participate in the CCL Showcase as part of regular league play, and there will be two showcases- the traditional November- December timeframe and then a second one in February. This is a particularly nice opportunity for CCL teams to play before college coaches without investing in a tournament to do so.

With regard to ASL, teams will continue selecting three tournaments from a wide selection, including the Jefferson Cup and now the Disney Showcase as ASL events with guaranteed entry. In addition to the three tournaments, teams this year will compete in three “pod” games against other clubs. These will be scheduled among the clubs themselves and will bring the number of games played to 12. These pod games were initially scheduled last year but after Sandy devastated cities to the north, they were canceled. The top 8 teams will move on to the ASL Finals in June.

We are also looking to further assist players with college aspirations. Clearly, through VCCL and particularly ASL, teams will be able to compete before college coaches often. With the schedule already in place, older players should be able to reach out to coaches over the summer with a detailed itinerary, and families should also be able to make personal plans without worrying that something will come up of which they are not aware. We are instituting a college guidance program for players as well. While the details are being ironed out, the general idea is to offer information on the overall process as well as detailed information on the differences in D1, D2, and D3 programs and then help parents and players understand what steps should be undertaken at what time. We think that with the vast experience SYA coaches bring, we are very well prepared to address this important side of the college program in a meaningful way. Between league play designed to best showcase players and educational information designed to help guide the college selection process, SYA’s older players will be well- positioned as they move from high school and club to college soccer programs. More information will be forthcoming this summer.



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