U7/U8 Academy

SYA U7 and U8 Academy Program

The SYA U7/U8 Academy is a specialized training program for talented players and players who just want to play more soccer. It is open to all SYA Recreatioanl players boys and girls who are looking to improve their skills play in an developmentally sound enviroment.   The players will meet once per week to train (fall, winter, spring) in an age appropriate environment that emphasizes technical development and nurtures a love for playing the game of soccer. The Academy players will enjoy the opportunity and challenge of playing with and against players of a similar motivation and ability level.

 The Academy Program is designed as a stepping-stone for recreational players to take their game to the next level and help make a smooth transition to the U9 Travel Program. 

Fall Academy:

1 training session per week in the Academy environment (for U7 and U8) with our Staff Coaches

Winter Academy:

1 or 2 training sessions during the Winter, SYA offers 2 - 6 week programs, players can attend one session or both session (for U7 players we offer only session, for U8 players we offer 2)

In addition to the training we offer Indoor League play at Fairfax Sportsplex in Springfield. Depending on the demand we enter 1 to 3 teams. Teams will play 5vs5 with a goalkeeper.(Indoor League play is only offered for U8’s at this point but will possibly change during the 2011/12 Winter season)

Spring Academy:

1 training session per week in the Academy environment (for U7 and U8) with our Staff Coaches

Coaches of the future Travel teams will be present and we already start evaluating players who will possibly tryout for a U9 Travel team. This way we can ensure that players are evaluated based on multiple session (and not only 2 tryout dates), we can include things like progress in the player development, personality of the player, behavior at the field etc. into the evaluation. If players do not plan to play on a travel team they are also welcome to take part in the Academy training to improve on their skills.

Training Programs Focus

The program provides a structured comprehensive curriculum, which emphasizes skill development and an understanding of individual tactics in small-sided play. The coaches of the program will spend the majority of the training program working on the development of the player’s technical base (first touch, passing, dribbling, shooting, and fast footwork). The players will also be put into game like situations 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, to help develop their tactical understanding of defensive and attacking aspects of the game.

The program is directed by Rob Olson, SYA Director of Coaching and Operations. Any questions contact him at rbolson@syasoccer.org

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